Brass Regulators

brass regulators

Whenever construction and manufacturing units need pressure regulators, they often choose the ones made of brass. Brass regulators have high demands among industries based on their ability to control high-purity of gases.

A prime reason to use a brass bar-stock regulator is that it is a sustainable device. Particularly, Shavo brass regulators allow easy usability and precise pressure control. The regulating device made of brass has impressive flow capacity and is useful in laser gas systems.

Another interesting aspect of brass bar-stock regulators by Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. is to deliver consistent pressure irrespective of any alteration in the main supply pressure. These regulators also have consistent pressure monitoring ability to work well for decaying cylinders. A few of the brass regulators also come with multi-port configurations to adapt several high-purity gas systems. If this is not enough, the brass body of the pressure regulators lets them deliver sturdy performance that too in a hostile work environment.

Shavo brass regulators are for every application, where house pressure exceeds 90 PSI. These regulators may handle a maximum of 400 PSI. One can also adjust its pressure from 25 PSI to 75 PSI. In this situation, users should connect a direct fill ink downstream to reduce the pressure to its desired range.

Like other pressure regulators, brass regulators are useful in gas grills for the regulation of propane and in heating furnaces for the regulation of natural gases. Moreover, you will find these regulators to regulate anesthesia and oxygen gases, and in pneumatic automated systems for the regulation of compressed air. If this is not enough, you will find brass pressure regulators to regulate fuels.

We at Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. analyze the specific pressure regulation requirements of your industry. Accordingly, we supply a wide range of brass-made pressure regulators to meet diverse construction and manufacturing requirements. If you want details, check our website.


  •  All brass construction.
  •   Developed Specially for PET Moulding machine building application.

Fluid Compressed Air
Pipe Sizes 3/4”, 1”, 1 /4 ”
Port Thread BSP Parellel - Standard
NPT - Optional
Piston Type
Adj. Screw with lock nut
Material of Construction : Body, Cap Valve, Piston, Adj. Screw,Nut Bonnet, Valve Spring, Valve Stem Regulating Spring BRASS
SS 304
Spring Steel
Elastomers NITRILE - Standard
Maximum Inlet Pressure 870 psi ( 60 bar)
Regulated outlet pressure ranges 17 - 175 psi (1.20 to 12 bar)
32 - 320 psi (2.20 to 22 bar)
50 - 500 psi (3.50 to 35 bar)
72 - 725 psi (5.00 to 50 bar)
Gauge Port 1/4
Pressure gauge connection Back
Standard Nominal Flow Rate (at 20 bar supply pr. and 4 bar pr.drop of 10 bar 176 scfm (83 dm /s) CV(3.32)
Note: Pressure gauge will not have CE, EAC and SIL3 approval.
brass regulators
brass regulators