Stainless Steel Units

stainless steel units

Does your industry require a high-performance pressure regulator to use in a corrosive environment? You must install pressure regulators consisting of Shavo Stainless Steel Units.Stainless steel regulator units use stainless steel or a corrosion-resistant material to provide a relatively long life. Besides, every regulator unit by Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. has a sophisticated design to ensure an improved level of accuracy and outstanding performance even working in a challenging, offshore, and harsh environment.

The main characteristic of Stainless-Steel Units is that they provide excellent pressure regulation with the fastest possible response. Moreover, such pressure regulator units come with high flow capacity, auto-drain, and low temperature. A few of the regulators work as filter services and remain equipped with integrated filters.

Like any other pressure regulator, stainless-steel regulators reduce the inlet pressure of any low outlet pressure to retain the required outlet pressure even during pressure fluctuations. Accordingly, a regulator matches the flow of liquid or gas according to the demand to retain consistency in the output pressure. Hence, the flow must reduce with a decrease in load and vice-versa, which makes them useful in air compressors.

Shavo Stainless Steel Units for regulating pressure have found multiple applications, like gas and oil production, marine environments, food processing, chemicals, and medical analysis. Moreover, you will find gas pressure regulators made of stainless steel to conduct environmental analysis, like hydrogen and helium carrier gas. In some cases, industries use such regulators for chemical analysis, including the function of nitrogen control. Other applications include laboratories and process gases, forwarding and backward pressure, and gas chromatography.

Our professionals at Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. supply stainless steel designed non-corrosive pressure regulating devices to work well in corrosive and harsh industrial environments. Industrial users, who want to get further details should visit our official website as soon as possible.


  •  'Shavo's' Pressure Regulator Model SR27 is designed as a highperformance product for instrument air use in corrosive atmospheres
  •  Applications include marine environments, oil and gas production, chemicals and food processing, medical analysis etc.
  •  CE, EAC[CU TR10(equivalent to GOST R&K)] approved
  •  SIL3 capable as per IEC 61508
  •  External parts are NACE MR 0175* approved

Parameters Specifications
Fluid Compressed Air
Pipe Sizes 1/4”, 3/8”
Port Thread NPT - Standard
BSPT, BSP - Optional
Max. Inlet Pressure 435 psig (30 bar)
Max. Operating Temperature (Ambient) +80°C
Material of Construction Stainless Steel as per AISI 316L
Body. Bonnet
Internal Parts
External Parts
SS 316L with NACE compliance (MR 0175)
SS 316L
SS 316L with NACE compliance (MR 0175)
Diaphragm Assembly Synthetic Rubber with PTFE - Standard
Elastomers Low Temperature Nitrile (NBR) -60°C to +80°C (std)
EPDM -35°C to +120°C
Fluorocarbon (Viton-FKM) -20°C to +180°C
Nitrile (NBR) -20°C to +80°C
Standard Nominal Flow Rate at 10 bar (150psi) inlet pressure 6 bar (87 psi) set pr. and a drop of 1 bar (14.5 psi) from set

1/4" 82 scfm (39 dm3/sec) CV(1.55)

3/8" 173 scfm (82 dm3/sec) CV(3.26)

CV Value

1/4" - (1.55)
3/8" - (3.26)

Type Relieving - Standard
Non-Relieving - Optional
Pressure Adjustment Hex Headed Adjusting screw - Standard
‘T’ Handle - Optional
Regulated secondary pressure ranges 1.0 to 10.0 bar (15.0 - 150 psi) - Standard
0.4 to 4.0 bar (6.0 - 60 psi) - Optional
0.21 to 2.1 bar (3- 30 psi) - Optional
0.86 to 8.6 bar (12.5 - 125 psi) - Optional
1.70 to 17.5 bar (25 - 250 psi) - Optional
Gauge Port (2 nos.) 1/4” NPT (Fe) - Standard
1/4” BSPT (Fe) - Optional
Gauge size (dial size) 50 mm (Nominal)
Mounting P.M. NUT - Standard
Wall Mounting Bracket - Optional
Weight 1.5 Kgs.
Pressure Gauge (scale) Kg/cm2 (PSI) - Standard (For Domestic Market)
Bar (PSI) - Standard (Export)
Note: 1) PM nut, mounting bracket, grub screw will not have NACE MR 0175 approval
2) Pressure gauge will not have CE, EAC, SIL3 and NACE MR 0175 approval
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Size Flow (dm3/s) Range (psi) Operation Model
G 1/4 82 scfm
(39 dm3/sec)
15-150 psi Relieving SR27-201-RNMA-NHC
G 3/8 173 scfm
(82 dm3/sec)
15-150 psi Relieving SR27-301-RNMA-NHC

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Note: Options shown in [ ] bracket are special, please contact manufacturing.