High Flow Series

High flow Series


  •  Shavo's very High Flow capacity direct ported Air Filter with high water removal efficiency and minimal pressure drop are used for removal of liquids and solid contaminants to protect air tools and equipment.
  •   Ideally suited for header lines and very high flow applications.

Parameters Specifications
Pipe Threads G 1½, 2 Parallel (F)  - Standard
Filter Element Size 5,25, 40 micron
Element Material Sintered Bronze   - Standard
Body Material Al. Alloy die-cast
Bowl Material Al. Alloy Metal with sight glass - Standard
Maximum Inlet Pressure with Metal Bowl Manual Drain : 250 psig (17.5 bar)
with Metal Bowl Automatic Drain and Semi-Automatic Drain : 150 psig (10.5 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature (ambient) 80°C (175°F)
Standard Nominal Flow rate (at 87 psi (6 bar) supply pressure and 14.5 psi (1 bar) pressure drop) 1890 scfm (900 dm3 / sec) CV(35.66)
Drain Automatic - Standard
Manual - Optional
Sem-Automatic - Optional

+ Values indicated are with 40 micron elements, with finer elements these values will be lower.

Note: Automatic Drain and Semi-Automatic drain available with Nitrile Elastomer Only.
Citation Series
Size Flow (dm3/s) Element(um) Drain Bowl Model
G1 1/2 1890 scfm
(900 dm³/sec)
40 Auto Metal SF18-B00-A3DD
G 2 1890 scfm
(900 dm³/sec)
40 Auto Metal SF18-C00-A3DD
Citation Series
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