Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Honeytech controls (I) Pvt Ltd management and employees are bound to Quality & Benefit of customers by continuous improvement in all areas of the organization. To become the top performer in the industry, a management system that delivers quality, consistency & productivity requires. Honeytech is committed to the implementation of such a system that meet customer’s requirement efficient manner.

We expect everyone working for us to strive to achieve & maintain the highest standard of quality performance at all times & to comply fully with provisions laid down in the below policy.

Policy Aims :

To the effective implementation of this policy, we will:

  •   Ensuring the necessary infrastructure & work environment to meet the requirements of customers.
  •   Ensuring the availability & competence of resources to meet the requirement of the policy.
  •   set the measurable objective for continuous improvement.
  •   Regular audits of our internal processes.
  •   Training & development of our employees.
  •   Analyse the cause of any complaints & take appropriate action to prevent a recurrence.
  •   Encourage all employees to make suggestions to improve all aspects of our working practices.