Vayu Large Series

Miniature Series

Many modern industries need a combination of filters and lubricators to supply clean air and lubricate a few common tools, like air motors, valves, and cylinders. Here comes the role of the Shavo Vayu Large Series of general-purpose filter and lubricator, which may remove a maximum of 99 percent liquid water.

As the name itself, the large flow range series combines a regulator and filter in a single compact unit. Indeed, a Vayu Large Series of systems work as space-saving designs to perform its functions in various compressed air systems. The filter element of the combined unit has an ultimate design to not only provide surface filtration but also provide depth filtration to supply clean air. Depending on specific requirements, industries may even choose the -fog model of large series filters by Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. The specialty of an oil-fog model is that it lubricates a single device or tool. Alternatively, you may go with a micro-mist model in systems.

Shavo Vayu Large Series compact unit of filter and regulator has found its applications in every pneumatic or hydraulic industry, which demand filtration of contaminated fluids, removal of liquid water, and obtaining controlled pressure. Accordingly, large series of pressure regulators and filters work well for header lines, cylinder-based operation, and several other large flow-rated tools. If this is not enough, you may use Vayu series compact units to lubricate many air tools or air-driven devices. These include air motors, valves, and cylinders. If this is not enough, the micro-mist model of large series is useful in complex pipes and multiple lubrication points.

We at Honeytech Controls Pvt. Ltd. supply varieties of Vayu-based large series compact units to fulfill lubrication, filtration, and pressure regulation requirements. If you want to get details of our products, you may visit our website.


  •   Shavo's VAYU Series Large Flow Range general purpose Filter removes upto 99% of the liquid water
  •   Design of the filter elements gives both surface and depth filtration for cleaner air
  •   Ideally suited for header lines and large flow rated tools and cylinder operations.

Parameters Specifications
Pipe Threads G ¾, 1, 1¼, 1½ Parallel (F)
- Standard
NPT/BSPT - Optional

Filter Element Size

40 micron (std) : 5,25 micron (Optional),

Element Material Plastic (Polypropylene)
- Standard
Sintered Bronze - Optional

Body Material

Al. Alloy die-cast

Bowl Material Al. Alloy Metal with sight glass - Standard
Maximum Inlet Pressure with Metal Bowl Manual Drain : 250 psig (17.5 bar)
with Metal Bowl Automatic Drain and Semi-Automatic Drain : 150 psig (10.5 bar)
Maximum Operating
Temperature (ambient)
80°C (175°F)
Standard Nominal Flow Rate
at 87 psi (6 bar) supply pressure and
14.5 psi (1 bar) pressure drop
: 740 scfm (349 dm³/sec) CV(13.96)
1 to 1½ : 880 scfm (415 dm³/sec) CV(16.60)
Drain Manual
- Standard
Automatic - Optional
Sem-Automatic - Optional

+ Values indicated are with 40 micron elements, with finer elements these values will be lesser.

Note: Pressure gauge will not have the CE, EAC, SIL3 & NACE MR0175 approval.
Citation Series
Size Flow (dm3/s) Element (um) Drain Bowl Model
G3/4 740 scfm
(349 dm³/sec)
40 Auto Manual Metal
G1 1/2 880 scfm
(415 dm³/sec)
40 Auto Manual Metal
Citation Series
Note: Option shown in the [ ] bracket are special, Please contact Sales HQ/Manufacturing.